A World of Possibilities

Overcome barriers to living your life free and fully.

The Center for Personal Development team is a group of Chicago therapists committed to the psychological wellness and growth of our clients. We focus on helping people clarify their goals and expand their way of thinking. We aim to help our clients feel empowered to handle previously overwhelming problems or difficulties by providing them the space and the psychological tools to grow in a nurturing environment.  

Our therapy focus is an integrative approach to personal health and wellness, aimed at helping people understand themselves and their destructive patterns on a more personal level; to open up, and get some help to make substantive, meaningful changes in their habits, allowing them to interact more efficiently and authentically; to use their strengths to achieve personal growth, and attain their goals. Above all, we help people on their way to a clearer path of fulfillment.

Goals of our therapy & treatment programs:

  • Incorporate lasting change
  • Create healthy relationships
  • Implement sustainable solutions
  • Connect in more authentic ways