While adults with ADHD often have several unique strengths, they also find challenges in everyday life that may get in the way of moving forward with their personal and professional goals. Often, individuals with ADHD sense that so many things are going wrong, that they cannot clearly articulate the problem aside from assuming that everything is the problem. When faced with this predicament, how can one possibly go about making the necessary changes and taking the steps towards getting back on track? When you don’t know what the problem is, how can you possibly address it?

One way to begin putting the pieces of this complex and highly nuanced puzzle is to undergo a comprehensive evaluation process in order to clarify and address how these challenges add up to a whole. We offer several services that assess, target, and identify adult ADHD diagnoses with the end goal of pursuing a path towards treatment. We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, and understand that every person may require a slightly different approach to diagnosis, testing, and treatment. For this reason, we offer the three options at our Chicago offices, as you will see outlined below. In doing this, it is our hope to make services affordable, understandable, and directly applicable to each client’s individual needs.

Option 1 - Our premium adult ADD/ADHD testing service. Click Here to read more.

Option 2 - Our cost-conscious adult ADD/ADHD screening service. Click Here to read more.

Option 3 - Our individually-tailored adult ADD/ADHD coaching program. Click here to read more.

While we acknowledge the great amount of time, effort, and money that is invested in procuring an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment, we also encourage you to consider the costs of NOT allowing yourself the help and attention that you deserve. Adult ADHD can wreak havoc on relationships, finances, career ambitions, and home life, if not acknowledged, accepted, and treated. If not acknowledged, accepted, and treated, consider the following:

What do your untreated ADHD symptoms COST you?


  • Have your loved ones suggested you’re insensitive or self-involved?

Career advancement?

  • Have you reached a block in your career fulfillment or advancement?

Educational attainment?

  • Were you able to get the degree you really wanted


  • Ever wonder why you just can’t seem to “get it together”? Feel like you’re “failing” at adult life?

Time and money?

  • Forgotten bills or parking tickets? Poor budgeting? Spend hours searching for things?

Unrealized goals and unfinished projects?

  • Are you really good at something that you enjoy but can’t seem to commit to?


  • Feeling overwhelmed by most everything, most days?

Freedom to access to the best parts of yourself?

  • Have you been told you have such great POTENTIAL, but…? Do you feel like you can’t consistently show the world how great you can be because you run out of steam, get distracted, or make impulsive mistakes?

ADHD is a unique way of thinking, feeling, and interacting with the world. Sometimes it gets in the way. Fortunately, there is often a world of possibility hidden behind our biggest challenge. The Center for Personal Development in Chicago can help you open the door.

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