Head Trauma/Injury Assessment

The CDC estimates that 1.7 million people per year experience a traumatic brain injury (TBI) with about 75% of these injuries accounted for by concussion and mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI). A CDC estimate from 2000 placed the total financial cost of medical treatment and lost workplace productivity for TBI at 76.5 billion dollars.

In order to best understand the effects of TBI on yourself or your loved one, a comprehensive evaluation by a neuropsychologist is recommended with the goals of 1) providing an appropriate diagnosis, 2) understanding the areas of the brain and specific functions affected by TBI, and 3) providing recommendations for treatment and rehabilitation, as well as academic and workplace accommodations. The Center for Personal Development's neuropsychologists are specially trained to provide integrated information regarding the brain-behavior relationship and effects of trauma on an individual’s functioning.

Our neuropsychologists will use scientific tests designed to examine:

  • Intellectual and Academic abilities
  • Attention/Concentration
  • Visuospatial/visuomotor abilities
  • Language
  • Memory
  • Executive Functioning

In addition, a thorough neuropsychological evaluation also examines any emotional/psychological factors and effects which may be impacting the person, as well as behavioral observations and collateral information from your family/friends and doctors. All this information is taken into account when making an accurate and proper diagnosis. An appropriate understanding of an individual’s global functioning and tailored recommendations is essential in helping an individual with TBI with returning to previous work and family obligations, or with readjusting to life after injury.

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Did You Know?

While neurological data is vital to understand the type of damage in an injury, neuropsychologists tell us - in exact and specific terms - how the injury impacts our functioning. This way, we can know exactly how to treat the difficulties caused by injury.