Project Description

Stress, worry, overwhelm, fear, disconnection, and confusion can interfere with living meaningfully, effectively, and feeling fully ‘alive.’   Dr. Reynolds believes that psychotherapy and psychodiagnostic assessment offers a space to deeply explore conflicts, untangle interferences, as well as heal, challenge, and grow.

Areas of Focus:

Dr. Natasha Reynolds specializes in treatment, psychodiagnostic assessment, and neuropsychological assessment with adults and adolescents who are struggling with anxiety, panic, depression, life-transitions, ADHD, and trauma.   Her clinical training and experience has offered a breadth and depth of treating and assessing a wide range of psychological concerns including issues related to self-esteem, identity exploration, relationship difficulties, Asian/ Asian American psychology, acculturation and immigration issues, and spiritual and existential issues.

Dr. Reynolds’ work emphasizes active collaboration, curiosity, and values respectful understanding of how life experiences and relationship patterns can impact current feelings, interactions, and behaviors.  While her approach is informed by research, theory, and experience, it is the particularities of the client’s goals, experiences, and the relationship that will shape the work.


Dr. Reynolds completed her doctorate of psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, as well as her pre- and post-doctoral training at The Danielsen Institute at Boston University.  In conjunction, she also completed a two-year fellowship at The Chicago Center for Psychoanalysis.